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OldboyWelcome to the very first article on the brand-new Severest Inks blog space. This launching post is by Khalid Patel… me… your very fave Brit-Indian writer of subversive, challenging literature. In upcoming weeks, expect more Sev Inks-affliated authors, as well as guest writers, to lay down their own words. Articles will not be restricted to discussion upon literature, but rather will be upon anything cultural, thought-provoking, original. There shall be no set schedule for posts, to reflect the Severest Inks ethos of quality over quantity, so be sure to subscribe to this site for notifications of fresh content via the Follow box on the below right.

For this hymen-breaking post, I wasn’t quite sure what to discuss. Since this is a website dedicated to fine cuts of literature, however, I decided to dedicate this very first post to… ASIAN MOVIES! (Yeah, I’m a dick like that.) I’m going to briefly…

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