Ladies & Germites, I present to you tonight, the first ever cover reveal on the Hollow Shotguns blog space.

The book is Dirtbags.

The author is Eryk Pruitt.

The audience is your eyeballs.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know that Eryk is not only a talented writer/filmmaker/cannibal, he’s also one of the first… if not, THE first fan of Hollow Shotguns. He has slung mucho support my way during my brief semi-career as a writer thus far, and man, am I STOKED to see one of his own novels now hitting the lit. scene.

Below, the synopsis for Dirtbags, & if it doesn’t render you all tingly like an acid-trippin’ Spidey sensing danger, whatchafuck is wrong witchya?!

“The blame for a county-wide murder spree lies at the feet of three people broken by a dying mill town: Calvin, a killer; London, a cook; and Rhonda, the woman who loves them both. No one sees the storm brewing until it’s too late in this Southern Gothic noir that adds a transgressive, chicken-fried twist to a story ripped straight from the pages of a true crime novel or an episode of Dateline NBC.

Calvin Cantrell searches for meaning in life and believes he’s stumbled across it when approached by Tom London to kill his meddling ex-wife. However, during his trip to Dallas to do the deed, Calvin discovers things about both himself and Corrina London–things that have horrible repercussions to the small town from which he hails.

After Corrina’s horrific murder, Tom London feels the noose tighten as both the local Sheriff and his current wife begin putting together the pieces of the puzzle. Could Rhonda Cantrell’s disastrous luck with men do more damage to the community than her serial killer husband or philandering lover?

Every so often, literature offers us a glimpse of where humanity succeeds.

This is not that story.”

And below, the cover –

What I really dig about the cover for Dirtbags is the minimalist yet striking artwork on display here… the restrained choice of a simple four colour scheme… the stark monochrome image of a shades-decked man shooting us a pensive stare… the Rorschach test-esque tree quietly lurking in the background… Every detail meshes together beautifully to create a cover worthy of an artsy print.

You can sign up to be notified when Dirtbags hits stores by slinging down your email at the link below, an act which shall also see you automatically entered into a drawing to win a free copy of the book (please note the link will take you to an outside site called Immortal Ink Publishing, which is in no way affiliated with myself, Hollow Shotguns or Severest Inks) – http://www.immortalinkpublishing.com/notify.php?book=34

…In other news, Hollow Shotguns has just been re-released! If you’re still a virgin to my debut, now’s the perfect time to get your Hollow Shots hymen broken. CLICK HERE to be za-wooshed straight to your local Amazon page for Hollow Shotguns.

Till later days, comrades… Peace Out.

– Khalid

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