Yeah, I know it’s been a yonk + half since I last blogged (was occupied trying to build a non-writing career… & subsequently killing it:) but I’m back in the game! (for tonight anyways…) And yah, I am just back to blow my own horn & engage in some literary masturbation… Below, the officially official synopsis of my next story, crime thriller Red. Prime your collective brains to be all sorts of splattered!

Welcome to Riverstones City. A sprawling squalor. A grim tangle rife with violence, drug trafficking, larceny, prostitution, corruption. The rich reside apathetically above the poor. The police and the politicians make their fortunes by gazing the other way.

The most notorious district of this city is Forest Heights. Home to the hopeless. The neglected. The crazy. The divine and the demonic. But mostly the demonic… Twisted souls, making parasitical livings through theft, fear and threat. Here, crime is rife. Crime is customary. Crime is consuming. Here, crime is life.

A streetwise, book-smart 12-year-old girl they call Red is quietly traversing the urban guts of this city in a scorching summer evening. Nerves are high. Tensions simmering. And when an old rivalry between two legendary gangsters resurges, her life is suddenly thrown into deathly peril.

With Red I drifted back to a more experiMENTAL style of prose… not quite as fuckered up as Hollow Shotguns, but nearer to it than the somewhat more open, restrained prose of my last cut Dr Craine’s Body. Likewise, the narrative contains a liberal lashing of some pretty insane, brain-prickling imagery.

Red also features the return of Stonian-Tongue’, the effed-up style of dialogue I first experimented with in Hollow Shots. And not to spoil things, but there’s some minor cameos from a few Hollow Shots characters too. And by minor, I mean subtle (as in, one for the HARDCORE! fans). Actually, the central protagonist Red herself was very subtly mentioned in Hollow Shots. I’ll leave you to figure out exactly where yourselves (hint, it’s somewhere during the bit where Zeth grudgingly skateboards to Stripe’s house to pick up a drugs package for that dickhead older brother of his…) So it’s all sorta coming back full circle with Hollow Shots characters appearing in Red’s story.

In other news, I’m currently all uber-excited/tinglified after being told the cover of my debut Hollow Shotguns shall have a potential cameo in an American sci-fi web series currently being filmed… a sci-fi series in which my main man from North Carolina Eryk Pruitt plays a simpleton British thug… (yes, really). Man, I just KNEW my book would one day get filmed… (hey, it counts!)

If the shots of Hollow Shots which have been shot end up being shot onto US televisions/monitors, I’ll be sure to proclaim it loud, with copious links to the scene, on this here blog (& half the internet besides), so stay tuned…

Till next time homeboys & my homegirls… Assalamu ‘Alaykum, Shalom, Namaste, Adieu and Peace. Peace

– Khalid

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