Right, comrades. My sophomore effort to Hollow Shotguns shall be titled S T O N E S. A sequel to Hollow Shots it is not (Hollow Shotguns will never have a sequel, unless I devise a truly, truly swell concept that in no way weakens the original’s ending). Stones will be an anthology of shorts all set within, yep you guessed it, Riverstones City. It’ll be released sometime next year. Yes, next year……… HOWEVER, each story will be published individually before then as a ‘digital single’, one every few months until the release of the entire composition that is S T O N E S, which will be released both digitally & in the flesh (aka paperback). The stories will include a stark urban thriller, a study upon domestic violence, superheroics, a portrayal of the destabilizing nature of love, a scrutinizing of alcoholism & a twisted-up heist tale, beyond others.

The first tale from Stones, titled Dr Craine’s Body, will be out 31 March. It’s a romance. And before you perform a throw-up, rest assured, it shall be one of the most twisted, subversive, & just generally all-sorts-of-fucked-up yet still nevertheless thought-provoking romance stories you’ll ever flick yer eyeballs over. The central protagonist is a gifted yet unorthodox medical examiner/forensic pathologist… It’s a world away from my debut, both in writing style & narrative, (though ironically it is set in the same city from Hollow Shotguns, you know the one…) The only further details I’m spillin’ is that rather than being purely about the ecstasy & turmoil that is love, the story will also be a wider examination of society and life through the uncomfortable lens of death, as embodied by the following quote from, erm, ‘New York pathologist Dr Montag Hawkins’…

“I gained an education in the ways in which we live by studying the ways in which we die…”

That is all, for now. Peace out, gangstas.

– Khalid

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