The Rectory

In my last post I mentioned the awesome message writer/filmmaker Eryk Pruitt sent me regarding Hollow Shotguns. Well, Mr Pruitt only went & wrote a whole fresh slab of words about my book in his blog The Rectory! Below, a snippet (& by snippet, I mean of course a colossal hunk because I couldn’t decide which morsel of awesomeness to include so just ended up copy/pasting half the bleedin’ thing) –

“My first thought is that a book like this should never be published. Not in a cookie-cutter world of sequels and knock-offs. Not where Twilight and sparkly vampires rule pop culture can a voice and writing style so unique be allowed a chance. No, this kid breaks some rules and he breaks them across people’s faces. This is no ordinary novel.

One thing that will strike you like the stock of a shotgun is the prose. The writing style is so unique that it immediately removes you from your comfort zone and places you in Patel’s world and does so abruptly, just as the apocalypse would. One can only imagine Khalid leaving a wake of writing instructors, all of which pulling out their hair. Sit back and enjoy a bit:

Cade observed the rundown abodes. The ambience altered the moment South Grove was speared, as if a cauldron beneath the borough amassed the droplets of satanic substances from the snarling syringes. Then when anyone traversed, the Grove retched the mixture as imperceptible mist. The prey abruptly felt agitated some, oblivious why. Yet the Grove knew. And soon it would harvest enough discarded joints, needles, blood drips for a most noxious concoction, spewing it as fog in the dead of night, blanketing slumbering dwellings, killing residents in dreams of drug overdoses, STDs. Nightmares of assaults, stabbings. Thenceforth the South Grove Beast would rise, crawl for every abode. Devour. One. By. One. Then- Wait, now it’s getting idiota… thought Cade, scattering his reveries.”

I mean, who writes like that? Who can keep up this insane style of prose for an entire book? It’s like watching Anthony Burgess and Irvine Welsh club the shit out of each other with a thesaurus. My personal copy is dog-eared and lain waste with highlighter, as I’ve sat front row for this celebration of the English language, watching this man slay phrase as if it were hordes of the undead…. The imagery in this tome could take on the best horror novel and I strongly recommend it.”

You can eyeball the entire article here, & I very suggest you do as the segment on Hollow Shotguns is part of a wider piece on Halloween & the little kid that just shuffled past my house dressed in a glittered-up bin liner & scowl tells me it is Halloween this very night… Well, that, or glittered-up bin liners are the latest thing for these post-MTV Generation young ‘uns.

Whilst you’re there, you can also scope out some of the other superb articles lurking about The Rectory. Eryk has a deft way with words, eloquent as fuck yet still somehow managing to sound like he’s sitting right next to you, jawing coolly into your ear over a drink (possibly bourbon). His short film Foodie also snagged yet another award recently. If you’re in the States, I recommend you seek out a screening near you. And yes, that is Eryk in that insanely cool, belongs-on-a-canvas-or-poster snap at the top there. Seriously, that image encapsulates how I’ve felt about the state of my life so many an occasion (like at least 2-3 days a week…)

In other news, there’s actually a copy of Hollow Shotguns in Los Angeles right now, being disseminated around Hollywood to film industry types… I think the idea of Hollow Shotguns on a big screen sounds just a little MIND-SPATTERINGLY FUCKING AWESOME! So keep extremities crossed they dig it… Or rather, more pragmatically, go & actually buy the book if you haven’t already & show those Hollywood suits there lies an audience for a subversive, challenging apocalyptic story boasting the high-concept of kids as protagonists. Or even better, buy the book then review it, thus inspiring many others to buy the book, thus showing those Hollywood suits there lies a pretty sizable audience for a subversive, challenging apocalyptic story boasting the high-concept of kids as protagonists.

Also, my first Hollow Shotguns write-up (which deconstructs the offbeat dialogue) is nearly complete… It’s a good one. Actually, I’ll say it’s the best slice of non-fiction I’ve written yet. Or maybe not quite there yet, but it definitely has the potential to be (so long as I don’t fuck it up).


– Khalid

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