Synopsis Blues…

So I’ve been writing up a full synopsis for Hollow Shotguns. Man, composing a synopsis is freakin’ rough. Condensing your entire work you’ve burnt over a year obsessively refining into a few brief pages… deciding which set-pieces to depict, twists to include, foreshadows/ironies to highlight… deciding whether to stress the humour or the social commentary… whether to stress the idiosyncratic dialogue or the offbeat prose… And just when you think you’ve slaughtered the bastard, it whirls round, seizes your nards & shrieks “FUCK YOU, I’M STILL TOO STILTED TO READ!”

……But I’ve finished it. And I’ll sling up an amplified, deeper cut of the synopsis onto this site sometime. One which considers EVERY plot detail & all the subtle ironies/foreshadows/symbolisms readers may have missed. I intend to make it echo a film commentary, though hopefully more an echo of Park Chan-Wook’s most excellent, insightful commentary for Oldboy than, er, say, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s commentary for Total Recall. Moreover, eyeballs could consult it for clarification, sorta like a Wiki.

Also, I’m about midway through my first Hollow Shotguns write-up, which should be posted up later this month. I shall be deconstructing the dialogue. Plans for future articles are… a dissection of ‘The War’ chapter, including the influence of the legendary videogame Resident Evil 4 upon its initial set-up… how the ‘demons’ of Hollow Shotguns were inspired by the neo-Nazi fascist group the English Defence League (EDL)…  the meaning of the front cover art, plus why I was adamant the description on the back cover reveal as little as possible about the plot… how comic-books guided the prose style… the influence of Asian Cinema, particularly South Korean cinema, upon the poetic, almost luring violence of Hollow Shotguns… beyond others.

A final thing. You know when a work slowly filters out into the world, people peruse it, tell the author their sentiments on it… Well, I received my first ever one of those not so long ago. Eryk Pruitt of North Carolina, America mesagged me the following hunk of awesomeness regarding Hollow Shotguns…

“Dude, reading this book is awesome. It’s like watching Irvine Welsh and Anthony Burgess club each other with a thesaurus. This is a very unique writing style. I also like how you switch it off at certain times — i.e. news reporters — and then flow seamlessly back to it when we’re back to The Set.
I can only imagine you leaving a bunch of writing instructors in your wake, all pulling out their hair.
If this is how we all speak at the end of the world, then bring on the apocalypse.’’

…Eryk, besides possessing immaculate taste in literature, wrote & produced the recent dark comedy short film Foodie, which probes the concept of cannibalism & is currently snaring all kinds of awards on the film festival circuit. He also writes a superb blog called The Rectory. Scope it out.

To be continued, mes amis…

– Khalid

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