To Stop A Demon, Sometimes You Must Become A  Demon
Hollow Shotguns
The apocalypse hits. A fierce disease twists civilians into fire-obsessed, flesh-consuming ferals. The threads of society fray, burn…
A band of boys traverse an increasingly darkening world to reach their lone hope of safety.
As the battle for survival escalates, the bounds of the human psyche are bleakly tested.
“Hollow Shotguns will blow your mind. With a close-range headshot.”
Hollow Shotguns is the subversive debut of British writer Khalid Patel. Inspired prose, mesmeric dialogue, harrowing gut-wrenches and throat-burning humour sculpt a rebellious narrative that point-blank refuses to conform to convention. This is a bold, breathless dark ride.
Hollow Shotguns is innovative and artful apocalyptic fiction, a socio-political examination of modern society, cerebral horror, and a blood-pulsing trip that challenges as much as it entertains. The offbeat, slang-loaded style of dialogue Khalid Patel employs for Hollow Shotguns is as hypnotic as his beautifully brain-tickling prose.
Hollow Shotguns is subversive literature at its most brutal…
The unsanitized violence.
The scalding social commentary.
The raw challenge.
Be warned, this is not a fucking beach read.
“Not where Twilight and sparkly vampires rule pop culture can a voice and writing style so unique be allowed a chance. No, this kid breaks some rules and he breaks them across people’s faces. This is no ordinary novel. One thing that will strike you like the stock of a shotgun is the prose. The writing style is so unique that it immediately removes you from your comfort zone and places you in Khalid Patel’s world and does so abruptly, just as the apocalypse would.” – Eryk Pruitt, author of Dirtbags
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